Sunday, March 04, 2012

2nd March Madness

Lately, my girlfriend is into crazy-picture-taking expeditions, or to put it in a nicer manner, photography. So she suggested that we should increase the frequency of us meeting up to take pictures of anything and everything. And within a week of talking about it, we got down to our very first "expedition".

And as usual, I'll let the photos roll...

Simple dinner to rev up our metabolism!

Xiao Mei Mei on the loose!

A lot of energy was expensed off from the time we had dinner to the time we crossed the Helix Bridge. So we headed to TWG for desserts! A girl's best friend on the lips (a moment on the lips), but worst enemy on the hips (a lifetime on the hips), BUT WHO CARES!

Sometimes, I really do not know where this girl gets all her energy from, but when she's hyper, she's REALLY AWFULLY HYPER! Like a little kid high on sugar rush or something!

Like a kid. Like a kid. Like a kid. HAHA!

Somehow love this picture a lot as it emits a pretty calming effect.

We'll have our Part 2 soon some day. =)

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