Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mad Love For Sunday Brunches

Some time back, I spotted this deal online and felt it was a good buy. $12 per pax for a 4-course brunch menu, and so I got it for the bf and I.

Because the bf managed to borrow the car from his brother, we decided that it was a good time to utilize the voucher as the location was totally out of the way at Frankel Avenue.

The deal consisted of coffee/tea, soup, a main dish, and dessert. So to the East we went!

The coffee was surprisingly good! Very aromatic even though it was just black coffee with raw brown sugar. The bf and I agreed on this point totally!

When the voucher mentioned 'soup', I was actually expecting some watered down mushroom or chicken soup. But what was presented to us left me speechless!

Pumpkin Soup

The Pumpkin Soup was thick, robust and full of flavour and the plus point was that it came piping hot, not lukewarm. I was so so so in love with the soup that I couldn't stop. It was seriously THAT good!

I ordered TSB English breakfast, which came with a bun of my choice, so I picked that peculiar looking bun, which they kindly toasted for me. Everything on that plate of my meal was superb, and I especially loved the scrambled eggs. Creamy, tasty, buttery and soft. I seriously want that chef as my personal brunch cook! =p

The bf had the Ultimate Swiss Rosti and I think he liked everything on his plate too because he cleaned his plate!

The meal ended on a sweet note, super picture worthy but taste wise, it didn't go too well with my palate because I could taste the freezer taste in the pastry.

For $12, this deal far exceeded my expectations because usually the portions and standards served for many other deals I've bought were only mediocre or simply disappointing. The Swiss Backer surprised me, and I would love to go back some day for their other offerings like Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale.

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