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Mauritius - 13th Sep 2013 - Safari Adventure

I know I procrastinate a lot, and am very much different from how I used to blog on a timely basis in the past. But I will try to be more up to date as best as I can from hereon.

My Mauritius trip was 5 months ago, and I am only touching on Day 4, yikes!

So anyway, Day 4 which happened to be Friday The Thirteenth, was Safari Adventure Day. Firstly, we walked with the white lions, patted them, took pictures with them, and watched them do some stunts. Following that, it was zip line which was one heck of a fun time zipping from one cliff to another, and I attempted some stunt when my life was literally hanging by a line. Then lunch came, and the last activity was quad biking, which left us all brown and dusty and really very dirty, but it was soooo worth it!

I'll let the pictures roll!

 photo IMG_0457_zpsd5d3240c.jpg
 photo IMG_0458_zps4e7250c6.jpg
 photo IMG_4747_zpsb000aa45.jpg
Our handsome guide for the Walk With Lions

 photo IMG_4737_zpsed9330a7.jpg
Lion cubs!

 photo IMG_4818_zps9ca053e4.jpg
 photo DSC_0123_zpsb1013fd3.jpg
Here they come!!!

 photo IMG_4757_zpse3f229ec.jpg
 photo IMG_4764_zps9ad9cf2c.jpg
 photo blog0_zps60afd507.jpg
 photo IMG_4832_zps420162e7.jpg
 photo blog1_zps23af742f.jpg
My Dad and his hilariously fake scared look!

 photo DSC_0203_zpsba65f71a.jpg
 photo blog3_zpsdf127502.jpg
 photo blog2_zpsd9312f81.jpg

After the morning walk with the lions (which have not had their breakfast yet), we were prepped for the zip line!

 photo GAV_5898_zps48891623.jpg

The above picture was probably the scariest part of the entire zip line activity. Before we can get to the first zip line point, all of us had to cross a freaking long, thin, and damn shaky wooden plank bridge, from one cliff to the next cliff. And the strong winds made it even more challenging because the bridge was swaying non-stop! If I were a few kgs lighter, I would have easily lost my balance when the wind blew!

And finally, after making it through the bridge, we did our first zip line!

 photo blog4_zps65e008f2.jpg

All of us thought that that was it, just one zip line crossing and we were all a tad disappointed. But to our surprise, there was 2 more zip line crossings! After seeing our guide pull an upside-down stunt on the line, the thrill-seeker in me knew that I just had to do it too! =p And so on Friday The Thirteenth, I hung my life on a line!

 photo GAV_6008_zps77116002.jpg
 photo GAV_6010_zpsd18981fd.jpg
 photo GAV_6011_zpsf526768c.jpg

It was not that easy to flip myself over for I feared that I would drop out of my harness somehow, and also some core muscles were required to pull off that stunt.

After so much fun, it was time to refuel our body before our final activity which was a nearly 2-hour quad biking session!

 photo blog5_zps18255b73.jpg


 photo IMG_0548_zps6016503d.jpg

 photo blog6_zps7f720e11.jpg
 photo blog7_zps664b5aab.jpg
 photo IMG_0663_zps386de990.jpg
Caught on camera for slapping a zebra's ass. HAHAHA!

 photo DSC_4824_zpsdb6abb6f.jpg
 photo DSC_4827_zps5521fbc1.jpg
 photo DSC_4828_zps5f89ac23.jpg

Being the little devil that I am, when I saw the little "river" ahead, I revved the quad bike instead of slowing down like the rest of my family, causing a big splash which was so much fun! And I went, "LEGS UP!" LOL!

 photo IMG_0623_zps47da81cc.jpg
 photo IMG_0614_zpsb2d5124c.jpg
 photo blog8_zpsba8383f5.jpg
 photo blog9_zpsa0ce6303.jpg

We returned back to our villa after a tiring day and I witnessed this beautiful sunset. This picture is sans any editing. The beauty of nature captured as it is. Mauritius is such a beautiful place..

 photo IMG_4988_zpsc521d402.jpg

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