Tuesday, December 09, 2003

tmr's ATC oready!!!n coz im under logistics,i gotta reach PA by 6.30am tmr mornin!n guess wat...haha...2dae aft dismissal,jay-jay n i walked out 2gether n at the bus stop he asked if im able 2 make it dwn 2 PA dat earli n was like saein dat mayb i can get a ride frm him...hahaha!n of coz i agreed to his offer lah,hu wldnt rite?den i wldnt nid to lug my barang barang on the public bus!
so yahz,jay-jay agreed 2 try 2 get his dad 2 send cherry n i 2 PA tmr...haha...so nice of him 2 offer man!hahaha...gotta go n pack my tings 4 tmr's ATC le...meanwhile u guys take care!

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