Saturday, December 13, 2003

im back!!!
im finally back back back frm ATC!!!!!
well...apparently my ATC group (mercury) angered the instructors there on dae 2 of the camp n mr seong threatened 2 send us back...meaning we gotta demoralising ok!
but we proved our worth n we made it up 4 our wrong doings the following daez...hahaha!althou it's tough lah budden it's really a memoriable ting...moreover,my grp got diz "wake up call" frm mr seong so it really did us a lotta good...mercury were treated like shit but we climbed n soar thru!i can really sae dat diz cant b done w/o bonding n good team work!
im like so freaking happy dat everyting is finally over le!left 2 more daez n the whole course is over!
oh darker than b4 now,all thanx 2 kayaking n rafting...hahaha!cheers!

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