Monday, March 28, 2005

a little cleanup
Cleaned up my room a little today. Changed my bedsheets, cleaned the floor, cleared my bookshelf a little. End result: Satisfied!

I think I'm seriously mad, it always seems like when it's during my exams period and when I'm supposed to be mugging my brains away, I'd start cleaning up my room. Why? I seriously have no idea! I think my mind is just subconsciously doing it just so as to procrastinate. So then I wouldn't have to start studying so soon. Darn, that's definitely not good. But at least now my room is slightly tidier and cleaner, and the sense of satisfaction is there. Haha.

Now I'm on Blackboard copying notes for my tax lecture. Skipped a few lectures, so I have retrieve my notes in this manner. Kind of troublesome, but I've got no choice. So much for skipping lectures.

Better get back to copying my notes!

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