Saturday, April 09, 2005

Wrote a long post and bloody blogger had to come up with some shit error! Damn! So here's a summarised version:

Taxation paper is finally over, screwed! 3 papers down, 2 to go.

Met RenJie after my paper, went to pay ChengXi a visit together. He's definitely better than I expected. Hope he recovers soon, and hope he'll enjoy the ice cream indulgence. His fantasy can finally come through! It's been my greatest wish to one day just buy a tub of ice cream and sit somewhere in town and just dig in into my huge tub of ice cream, and preferably finish the entire tub myself! Great way to relax! Shall do it after my exams, and before my attachment.

Watched 'The Pacifier' with RenJie after that. Vin Diesel's body is HOT, and he's kind of cute. The show is worth watching.

Great, I'm off. My lengthy post shortened by alot with this summarised version, so much so that my sentences also shortened by alot. Out!

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