Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 Zodiac Cycles

Today, I turned 24. But really, age is just a number. My parents and I had an awesome dinner at this fantabulous mini Italian restaurant called Pasta Inc, located along Jalan Besar.

I totally dig the ambiance because the lighting, table setting and everything else in general was warm and cosy, making patrons feel extremely welcomed.

TL: Complimentary bread
TR: ˜SPAGHETTI AL FRUTTI DI MARE E NERO DI SEPPIA˜ - Spaghetti cooked with fresh assorted seafood in a squid ink based sauce. (Mom's)
BL: ˜FILETTO DI MANZO˜ - Pan fried beef tenderloin flavored with red, white wine and green peppercorn. Served with blue cheese. (Dad's)
BR: ˜RAVIOLI CON CARNE DI MANZO DI GORGONZOLA˜ - Ravioli filled with minced beef served with light gorgonzola sauce.

One word to describe all of the above: DELICIOUS! Not only was the food fantastic, even their customer service totally exceeded my expectations! And then, what really sold me was after we called for the bill and just about ready to leave, the waitress came out with a Tiramisu with a candle on it, singing Happy Birthday to me!

Complimentary Tiramisu with complimentary birthday song sang to me!

I will definitely be back! =D

Got home and cut the cake my Mom bought from Secret Recipe. White Chocolate Macadamia... NOMS!

Thank you one and all, for all the wishes from various people via various methods and from various countries. I had a blast!

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