Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sydney - 29 & 30 June 2010

Back from Sydney for 4 days and I'm already missing the fresh crispy air there. I don't dig the winter weather, but the light thin air was really very refreshing to breathe in every single day!

I went to work as usual, but with crazy excitement that I could barely contain in me, and when it was time to knock-off, I sped off to the airport, anticipating and counting the hours before I could cuddle in the arms of NJ4.

After being up in the air for 7.5 hours, I finally touched down on the soils of Down Under. At 6.30am, my arrival was half an hour earlier than estimated, hence NJ4 was not there yet. I took a walk outside of the airport, 1 round around the carpark and boy did I almost freeze in the 1 degree celcius weather!

The boyfriend finally arrived and off we sped to his home!

The boyfriend had a very pleasant surprise waiting for me since the day before I arrived, and this was what he made for me, with the help of 2 other sweet angels:


After unpacking a little, it was time to hit town, and so we did!

I miss Sydney, and I miss the boyfriend. Baby, you and I know what you've put me through of late. With renewed promises, I hope you adhere to them. iloveyou.

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