Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sydney - 7-9 July 2010

For 3 consecutive days, NJ4 and I did a little bit of going around places, and A LOT of eating!

7 July - Bondi Junction
We went to Bondi Junction, had sinful but oh-so-satisfying desserts at Max Brenner, and then took a walk around.

That night, we went back home and enjoyed the white wine that NJ4 bought for us before I arrived.

Mmm, sweet, sparkling and totally refreshing. Yummy.

8 July
Because we love the fresh food from Sydney Fish Market, we went back there again!

The prawns were so fresh, juicy and sweet! It was like I died and went to Seafood Heaven.

A walk around and a few hours later, we found ourselves settling for dinner! I seriously ate a lot more in Sydney than I have ever before!

Mango Beer!

9 July
Another day of food, food and more food! Dim Sum lunch at Zilver, followed by some dinner that I cannot remember (probably potato chips or something), and we finally ended our day on a sweet note with desserts!

Food at Zilver was delectable!

Whoever said that desserts were meant to be shared to lessen the sin and the guilt? I do not buy that! =D

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