Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sydney - Blue Mountains I (6 July 2010)

For A$145, I felt that the Blue Mountains Trip was very worthwhile. Way too many pictures taken, so this will be split into 2 entries.

On the way up to Blue Mountains, we visited the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Kangeroos are so cute!

After we visited the Wildlife Park, and after the breathtaking view from a particular lookout, it was time for lunch which was included in the entire package.

The rest of the trip would be left for the next entry!


Blackswan said...

I've been to Sydney many times but not to Blue Mountain. You've captured the shots well. Nice post!

I've also written a post on Australia. U may wanna chk it out Penguin Watching In Melbourne! Looking fwd to sharing :)

May Anne said...

Thank you sweets! You should go for the Blue Mountains trip the next time you visit Sydney again! =)

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