Saturday, November 06, 2010

First Time Ever

On Deepavali, I punched an Indian man. No, I am not crazy neither am I a violent person.

As I was exiting the NEL train at Dhoby Ghaut, someone patted my ass. My mind worked so hard and fast and I had thoughts that toggled between 'pretend nothing happened' and 'give that asshole a piece of my mind'. The little chilli padi in me chose the latter, and so I turned around, saw only one Indian man in the sea of crowd, and threw a hard punch in his arm.

The Indian man looked at me with total shock in his face, and for a split second I thought I punched the wrong person. But he quickly looked away and took off, so that confirmed he was the culprit.

Thinking back, I should have aimed my punch in his face instead. Too bad that he chose the wrong target and got punched on Deepavali.

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