Saturday, November 13, 2010

Melbourne - 15 July 2010

The last day in Melbourne was simply a series of food trail before we went back to Sydney.

Popped by Queen Victoria Market for a bit, where we had donuts from the donut van which was sugar coated AND had jam filling! The donuts were doubly sinful but seriously very satisfying for it's richness!

Right after the donuts, NJ4 mentioned of a breakfast place just a few steps away where his Dad love the breakfast sets, so we went there for breakfast!

Oh my, the (something) breakfast set that NJ4 had was really very nom, and my Spinach Quiche was so good!

We left Queen Victoria Market shortly after and went back to town for a last walk around. Before I went to Sydney and Melbourne, I did some homework of where to get good nomnoms, and I read up on this place selling various churros flavours, so we went in search for it!

I have to say, I was disappointed. The flavoured churros were cold and hard. We should have ordered the original ones with caramel sauce instead. We tried the samples they gave out, it was GOOD!

After the churros, we went back to our hotel to pack up and headed back to Sydney, where we had dinner at Na Bangkok!

And that's it, abrupt ending right here. =)

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