Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Last Of Sydney - 16-18 July 2010

16 July

This was the day we had sweet and savoury treats, coupled with beautiful sea view and much fun frolicking around.

Upon recommendations and raves from people all around, breakfast found us at Bourke Street Bakery.

Of the whole lot, the lemon tart (bottom right) was my favourite because the zest from the lemon flavour was so intensely delightful!

We popped by Eastgardens for a little bit before we met up with another couple to go to Balmain for... ADRIANO ZUMBO!!! We queued for around half an hour before I got my box of expensive-but-super-worth-every-single-cent pastries!

And then just around the corner from Adriano Zumbo, we spotted a very cute cupcake place so in we went, and out with came with more happy looking treats!

The happy food hype was followed with happy view and crazy fun at the quieter side of Coogee Beach.

And we ended our day with a beautiful sunset view from a quiet neighbourhood that was on slightly higher grounds.

Awesome view...

17 July

We did some exercise on the second last day of my stay in Sydney by doing the Coastal Walk. We took a bus to Bondi where we started the trail which stretched from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach which took us about 2 hours to complete. Weather was absolutely perfect for such a walk as it wasn't too cold that morning.

The various pitstops along the route of the Coastal Walk.

And we finally reached Coogee Beach after about 2 hours!

We were famished from the walk and so we went to search for this place that Debs recommended for their awesome smoothies.

The Banana Smoothie was really very good! Thick, creamy, and very delightful! The Turkey sandwich (I think), fared pretty well too!

So the rest of the day was spent bumming around I think. Have no pictures to remind me of what we did for the rest of the day.

18 July

Pack pack pack.

Bye baby, bye Sydney!

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