Sunday, January 16, 2011

1 Month Shy Of 4

To celebrate our 47th month last Friday, NJ4 and I decided to be a little adventurous, so we went in search for a Korean eatery that was much raved on many food blogs. It was not the most accessible place without the comfort of a 4-wheel drive, and the damp weather made it a tad harder to reach the place, but we eventually did.

What awed me was the variety of Banchan (Korean appetizers) that was served. I did a quick count and oh-holey-moley, there were 13 of them!

The amount of Banchan could very well have been my dinner already!

NJ4's Bibimbab

My Spicy Tofu Soup (which had seafood in it!)

Although the food came very quickly upon placing our orders (about 5 minutes after ordering), the taste was nothing to shout about. It could have been because I went there with expectations, hence the disappointment. Or it could have been that the standard dipped since all the reviews were dated some time in 2009. It wasn't bad, just not very fantastic. But it still was fun searching for the place and exploring places that we've never been to before.

Happy 47th, Baby.

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