Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Toy!

Have eyed this sexy candy for about a year now. And on 11.6.11, I'm finally a proud owner of a Canon 550D! Best deal of all was the $250 saving on the 55-250mm lens which I got in addition to Kit I.

Val and I got 1 set each, and we managed to get a whole load of additional freebies that weren't in the standard freebies pack that Canon gave out!

For $1500, we got:
- 550D body
- 18-55mm lens
- 55-250mm lens
- 2 batteries
- 2 8gb SD cards
- 2 UV filters
- dry box
- cleaning kit
- screen protector
- tripod
- Crumpler camera bag
- user guide and Lens Work book filled with beautiful pictures

Out of 11 items listed, we got 5.5 as additional freebies! Are we lucky or what?! =D I'M IN LOVE!

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