Thursday, June 02, 2011

1/4 Of A Century Old

My 25th birthday on 25th May was superb, and it was my joy who made everything possible. On the eve of my birthday, I was already pleasantly surprised with so many surprises the instant I knocked off from work.

My joy came by to get me in a car borrowed from a very awesome man who trusted a young adult with his car, just like that.

And then it was off to dinner at Privé!

It was a pity that the joy's plan did not flow as initially planned, and so we missed the breakfast menu which was available only till 5pm. But our order of Ramly Burger and fries with truffle dip we shared were so so so good!

The plan after dinner really caught me off-guard. Sure, my joy told me to pack some clothes and that we would be spending the night out but I never expected that a room at Sentosa Siloso Beach Resort to be booked! It was also when my birthday cake (cupcakes rather), a super lovingly handmade card and an awesome gift were presented to me!

The handmade card was beautiful and very creatively made! Seriously, I would never have been able to do something like that, because I was never an arty farty person, and I doubt I can ever be creative. Love the card to the max! And the cupcakes were so pretty that I felt bad digging into them. But they were really YUMMY!

On the actual day of my birthday, my joy brought me to Universal Studios Singapore, and we had Tim & Evo there with us! With that, I'll just let the pictures roll...

Happy like bird only!

The many faces of a crazy birthday girl

The many US at USS!

And the best multi-shots that were taken for that day was with Charlie Chaplin!

And the story behind these shots went like that:

Charlie was so engrossed with the joy's DSLR and totally did not pay me any attention. And then Evo shouted, "It's her birthday today!" Ahh, that got me some attention from Charlie and he extended his arm out to me.

With a very smug and contented look on my face for winning Charlie over, the boyfriend felt a little left out and decided to close in, but Charlie shunned away. I didn't know that Charlie was leaning in on me because he was "getting away" from the boyfriend. At that point in time, I thought Charlie was being annoying and was just trying to push me. So, the little fighter in me fought back by pushing Charlie in return. And that's how the push fest started.

After which, Charlie pulled me away and ran off with me, with my hand still in the crook of his arm! And it was a "HAH! I stole your girlfriend, dude" moment! Seriously, these shots are priceless!

The night ended with dinner at Spruce, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean at IMAX, which I slept through almost the entire show and got so mad at myself for that. I hate being sick. =( Anyway... DINNER!

Thank you love, for making my 25th such a memorable one. Thank you for everything that you've done for me so far. Thank you for being being you. And thank you for loving me. I can never ever be more grateful to have met you.

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