Sunday, December 04, 2011

Standard Chartered 2011

My 6th and last run of 2011 since I started my first run in July. It just keeps getting better, and today, I clocked my new personal best for 10km at 1 hour 12 minutes (gun time).

The weather was kind, very kind in fact. And that probably played a part in my performance too.

Before and after.

Dil and her neverending silly antics.

The boyfriend ran the full marathon, and so my friends and I waited around for him and his friends so we could have lunch together. When he came to me, he brought me an orange balloon and said, "No flowers, so I brought you a balloon instead." Aww...

Our plan to have brunch at OverEasy failed as they weren't open so we went to Dil's suggestion of Sauce at Esplanade.

The 5 of us had the same sets of 2 Eggs Benedict and 3 Fry Up. Food was not too bad, but considering that we were all famished, I think my judgement may be a little off.

And so, this is it for 2011. Till 2012 comes, I'm just going to shake my legs and grow fat. HAHAHA.

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