Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me =)

At the stroke of midnight, I received an SMS from the boyfriend wishing me happy birthday and telling me to open my door for him. It was a huge surprise because I was only expecting to see him after work on Friday evening for my birthday dinner!

So, the boyfriend came with a big hug, half a dozen cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes, and a present: a Polaroid camera!

Despite the rain, the boyfriend asked, "Shall we go for ice cream?", and so we did! Off to Upper Thomson's Udders we went!

The night ended on a sweet note because of dessert and the next day was full of anticipation for dinner! The boyfriend refused to tell me the venue for dinner and I only found out right at the doorstep of the venue!

LEVEL33!!!!! It was my first time there, and so was his! So we had a great time experiencing something for the first time together! The view from the top was really very spectacular, and it was a pity that the outside seating were fully booked way in advance.

On to food and drinks!

My Sour Fizz

His Lager

Warm bun with plain butter, cherry butter and mint butter

I totally love the cherry butter which was sweet and yummy! The mint butter was good too, as it had a good minty punch to it.

As we were savouring the bun and yummy butters, our mains came and they looked SO GOOD that I was so eager to dig in!

His: Pork - Chargrilled beer brined Kurobuta, potato date gratin, celeriac remoulade, plum chutney, apple and wild mushroom jus

Mine: Gnocchi - Slow braised lamb shoulder, potato pasta, pine nuts, cranberry, port jus, crumbled goat cheese and fried sage

The boyfriend's pork was pretty delicious, but my gnocchi was the bomb! The shredded lamb was soft yet chewy at the same time, and was packed with (a familiar) flavour that made it hard to stop even though my stomach was bursting midway through the dish. I would seriously go back for this!

When we were full and done with dinner, we walked out to the open area for some pictures, and boy was it really beautiful!

When we went back to our table, I realized that there was a huge mirror above us, which made it really good for reflection shots!

The boyfriend made some arrangements with the management of LeVeL33, and look what came, with compliments from LeVeL33!!!

Thank you love, for making my 26th yet another memorable one, just like last year. =)


Jasmine-Victorina said...

Just blog-hopping but anyway, Happy Birthday!! You've got a really sweet boyfriend! Stay happy, smiles! (;

May Anne said...

Thank you sweets! =)

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