Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My First Half Marathon!

26 May 2012, the day I have been waiting for ever since the beginning of December last year. After half a year of anticipation, the day finally came. One day after my 26th birthday.

Honestly speaking, I was not prepared at all, even right up to the point when I was waiting to be flagged off. And what made things worse was that my friend who signed up with me could not make it in the end. I felt mentally and physically unprepared because I have never ran anything more than 11km before, but I told myself to run 10km continuously (which I have been able to), and just do the best for the rest of the way.

Thank goodness the organisers changed the flag-off timing for the half and full marathon to the same time, so I had the boyfriend and his friends' company all the way till it was time to begin!

The boyfriend and I before the race

And so I ran non-stop for 14km before I slowed down to a crazy snail's pace because my knees were aching and my feet were threatening to cramp up. In total, I think I walked less than 15 minutes.

At my last km, the wind got fierce and it started to drizzle, and when I was left with about 500m, it poured like mad but the rain was good. It cooled me down and somehow gave me the extra boost I needed to sprint the rest of the way to the finishing line.

And so, for my very first half marathon, I crossed the finishing line at 2 hours 31 minutes!

Yup, I definitely beat the sunrise! This is my first and definitely not my last half marathon! =)

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