Sunday, September 09, 2012

Army Half Marathon 2012

So today, I did my second half marathon of my life, which was also my second half marathon this year. For today's event, the boyfriend was nice to offer to pace me, in an attempt for me to break my record set at my first ever half marathon at Sundown.

With my personal pacer pacing me every step of the way, I managed to shave off about 5 minutes from Sundown's timing, despite the 3 very crazy bottlenecks during the run. And that put my timing at 2 hours 27 minutes. Thank you love, for pacing me well.

My personal pacer, my boyfriend. =)

And to my friend, D, you did great at your first ever half marathon! I knew you'd be able to make it under a relatively good timing, and you did. Let's do this distance again at some future events!

Good job, D!

Ahhh... Satisfaction, yet again. =)

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