Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 F1 Singapore Grand Prix

A few months back, the Boyfriend saw the sale of F1 tickets on some magazine that was on a promotional price (I think), and so he treated me to it.

The long wait finally came, and somehow, the showcase by Jay Chou became the highlight of the night for us rather than the practice rounds itself.

So fake, but at least it will look nice on TV =/

The rest of the pictures hereon are taken by the Boyfriend.

After waiting for about 4 hours, the time finally came for Jay Chou's performance. As usual, there were way too many crazy screaming girls. I was personally very awed at how talented he is.

Lucky woman

Men who can play the piano, and play it well, are damn damn damn sexy. No doubt about that.

This night was well spent. Thank you, love, for making it possible. =)

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