Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chill Pill

It has been a while since the boyfriend and I took a day off from work to have brunch followed by a chillax day.

Today's date was very productive as we covered 2 eateries that were on our list: Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar, and Chye Seng Huat Hardware.

When we stepped into Skyve, it felt a little pretentious and too atas for comfort. But after we were seated, the service staff who attended to us was more than welcoming. He was very warm and eager to inform us of the soup and dessert of the day.

 photo IMG_5359_zpsc4d23c71.jpg
Skyve Sous Vide Eggs Benedict

The eggs were poached to perfection, but a pity that the hollandaise sauce was not to my liking. I've tasted better hollandaise before, but I still give this dish a thumbs up for its presentation and the rest of the items, especially the poached eggs and sweet corn!

 photo IMG_5360_zps50f781e5.jpg
Skyving Breakfast

The boyfriend had this dish, and all I tasted was a small piece of sausage and a potato, so I won't comment. Size wise, this was a huge dish!

After brunch, we were deciding on what to do next and the boyfriend came up with the idea of heading down to Chye Seng Huat Hardware. I was surprised when I saw the crowd at CSHH because it was midday and the inside capacity was nearly maxed out. But then again, it could be because it's the March holidays for the school children.

So anyway, this was what we had:

 photo IMG_5372_zpsaf4b1760.jpg

The daily brew that the boyfriend had, was meh. I think the wrong coffee was chosen. My homemade lemonade was very good though! I think there was some soda in it, totally refreshing! We shared the raspberry muffin, and it was so freaking awesome! Moist and chewy and super flavorful. Nothing but full of praise for the raspberry muffin! YUM!

After rotting at CSHH for over an hour, we made a last stop to Great World City. Did some grocery shopping at Marks & Spencer and then we had to call it a day, for the poor boy had to go to school. A day well spent, with my one and only. =)

 photo IMG_5377_zps6bb1b963.jpg

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