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Hong Kong Standard Chartered Event

Last week at this time, the boyfriend and I just arrived in Hong Kong, ready for our respective Standard Chartered runs.

 photo IMG_4990_zps12253327.jpg
On the way at Singapore Changi Airport!

 photo IMG_4999_zps54c5217b.jpg
On the plane.

 photo IMG_4991_zps0f226617.jpg
Babymeh went along too!

 photo 23rd-26thFebHK_zps9903c0d7.jpg
 photo 23rd-26thFebHK1_zpsf7d4d7a7.jpg
Finally in HK!

We took the airport express and complimentary shuttle bus to Marco Polo HK Hotel, where Dilys, Jacky, Jason, Joanne and Jayren have already checked in.

 photo IMG_5023_zps3739d3d6.jpg
Hello girlfriend, we finally meet in HK!

Because the Js went to HK a few days ahead of us, they were kind to help us collect all our race packs.

 photo IMG_5021_zps8c161cc7.jpg

After settling down, we met the others and Jacky brought us around to try awesome street food!

 photo 23rd-26thFebHK2_zps199aa685.jpg
 photo 421515_10152576356320463_1977201331_n-001_zps86094b18.jpg
 photo 23rd-26thFebHK3_zps32fc1ff8.jpg

 photo 23rd-26thFebHK4_zps7f6bd4d5.jpg

After walking around a fair bit, we settled dinner at a random Cha Chan Teng.

 photo 23rd-26thFebHK5_zpsa350bfce.jpg

Seriously cannot find a place where food is not nice in Hong Kong. Everything we ate was good, very good in fact! Headed back to rest right after dinner, for the girls' 10km event, and the guys' full marathon the following morning.

The morning finally arrived, for my first ever overseas race, and also in a weather I've not experienced running before.

 photo IMG_5050_zpsdb4a7b14.jpg
HK Standard Chartered, LET'S GO!

 photo IMG_5054_zpse4c6ede4.jpg
The guys prior to the start of their race.

Because the starting point of the 10km and full marathon were at different locations, Dilys and I had to head out earlier than the guys to take the MTR to our destination. The guys were lucky because their starting point was a mere 5 minutes walk from our hotel.

The moment Dilys and I reached our hotel lobby, we could feel the chilling air. It was 17 degrees celcius that morning. Once we stepped out into the open, the both of us silently braved the cold and headed to the MTR station. At the traffic light, we waited for the red man to turn green even though there were no cars at all. Somehow, without speaking, the both of us looked at each other at the exact same moment, and ignoring the traffic light, we unanimously ran across the street all the way to the MTR station!

Once we were out of the cold, I told her that we had to take a picture to see our reactions after braving the cold. Once again, without agreeing on any facial expressions, we made the EXACT SAME FACE!

 photo IMG_5052_zps8767ba6f.jpg

So much love for this girl and how we can communicate and understand one another even when words are not spoken.

When we reached our destination, the place was swarmed with loads of people!!!

 photo 23rd-26thFebHK6_zps21c9eb52.jpg
People mountain, people sea!

 photo IMG_5069_zpsc559e428.jpg
Before being flagged off.

At 6.30am, Dilys and I were flagged off for our race. It was crazily cold and the wind blew mercilessly. But it eventually got better after a few km when I started to perspire. The cool weather made the run easy despite the multiple slopes we had to run up. Thank goodness I've had some slope training during my usual runs.

 photo IMG_5062PNG_zpsa738cddc.jpg

According to Dilys' RunKeeper, it clocked 10.3km as well, so it was quite likely that the total distance was about 300m more than 10km. Whatever it was, I have broken my PB for official race events, but if the distance was exactly at 10km, I could have very well broken my unofficial 10km PB of 59:10 which I clocked the week prior to Hong Kong. I totally enjoyed this overseas + cool weather run experience. Something I will never forget!

 photo HKStandardCharteredresults_zps4df17ace.png
Official results.

 photo EditPhoto2-3-13175532_zps21863945.jpg
Official finishing picture!

 photo IMG_5071_zps78f2f8f2.jpg
Our first ever overseas run together, completed!

As we had quite a lot of time to kill before the guys completed their race and had enough rest, Dilys and I went out exploring on our own. First stop, AFTER RUN FOOD FUEL!

 photo IMG_5063_zps369a5d49.jpg
Outfit of the day.

 photo 23rd-26thFebHK7_zps9f59b19f.jpg

Once again, our body had some telepathic crazy stuff that went on, which caused the both of us the need to visit the loo after our brunch. And my girlfriend is so so so full of shit. Like metaphorically and literally!

 photo IMG_5079PNG_zps76593b10.jpg
So much love for this girl!

We had a lot of time to ourselves, so we walked and ate and walk and ate.

 photo 23rd-26thFebHK8_zpsd9cd82d4.jpg
Yum yum in my tum tum!

 photo IMG_5082_zpsc65af74e.jpg

The boyfriend finally joined us in the evening and we went for dinner at an eatery which D said the food was food, and was seconded by Jacky.

 photo 23rd-26thFebHK9_zpsac83ab87.jpg
The menu was ALL in Chinese words!

And after dinner, it was MORE walking. And my best buy for the day was an Adidas reversible thick jacket!

 photo IMG_5100_zps7246e4bf.jpg

The last day finally came, and we made full use of it by travelling around more than we did the day before, and it was also a day of non-stop eating!

First up was brunch at the same place, DimSumBar. Then we went in search of the Nici store that was located at the MTR near our hotel, and then we had to rush back to the hotel to check out.

 photo 23rd-26thFebHK10_zpsdb74bbe4.jpg
 photo IMG_5119_zps25b75f5d.jpg
 photo 482823_10152580125655463_82500875_n-001_zpsc3786387.jpg
 photo IMG_5120_zps3bb8c5c8.jpg
Look who I found! Juniortwinmeh!

 photo IMG_5121_zps80736b90.jpg
All these for under SGD 60! So cheap as compared to SG!

After checking out, we had 9 hours to kill before heading to the airport to spend the night there. We took a walk to Avenue of Stars then walked a super long distance to Australia Dairy Co (apparently a famous cafe that serves awesome possum food). Thereafter, we headed to Citygate Outlets before returning to the hotel to get our luggage to head to the airport.

 photo 532998_10152580128260463_1007295492_n-001_zps8ce147f5.jpg
 photo IMG_5128_zps20730e16.jpg
 photo IMG_5132_zps1e05cb91.jpg

Australia Dairy Co was a very stressful eatery to be in. The staff will hustle you in, rush you with your order, serve the food right up to you within minutes, and hustle you out with their unique way of sending other customers in to wait around your table. We were in and out of the place in 15 minutes flat, probably even lesser! But to be honest, the food was DAMN GOOD! Super crispy yet soft thick toast, damn creamy, soft and yellow scrambled eggs, and crazily yummy pork in the spaghetti dish. YUM!

We then headed to Citygate Outlets and look who I found!!!

 photo IMG_5147_zpsf1b0c572.jpg

For only SGD 10, I cannot resist myself but just had to get him even though mine is still pretty. Moreover this fella looked soooo cute!

The time came for us to head to the airport, the get ready for our flight the following morning.

 photo IMG_5107_zpsb14901eb.jpg
The bf's power way of packing part of his loot!

 photo IMG_5148_zps6d41bf60.jpg
Emo girlfriend.

 photo IMG_5149_zps0204493f.jpg
The last bit of the awesome Ji Dan Zai.

 photo IMG_5150_zpsdefd2758.jpg

 photo IMG_5153_zpsd4990ab8.jpg
Like a shiok, but actually not shiok at all.

 photo IMG_5154_zpsacfbc507.jpg

Because the boyfriend and I wanted to be economical, we shared baggage space for checking in. We were so afraid that we would exceed 20kg even after carrying as much as we can in our handcarry. To our delight, our check-in luggage was 20kg exactly!

 photo IMG_5158_zpsea5d96a0.jpg
Goodbye Hong Kong.

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