Sunday, April 28, 2013

Food, Food, Food!

Ever since Friday, the boyfriend and I have been eating non-stop. Last Friday, we visited The Fabulous Baker Boy for the first time, and just from a single slice of the Red Velvet Cake and a bottle of cider, we were sold!

 photo IMG_5727_zpsd96d4e0a.jpg

So one week later, we decided to re-visit TFBB to try another cake. The boyfriend had the same red velvet cake from the previous week, whereas I was more adventurous and went for the Carrot Cake with coconut shavings even though I do not really like coconut-infused food.

 photo IMG_5809_zps3a8d31c0.jpg

Right after I took my first bite, I knew immediately that my choice was the right one! The coconut shavings did not have the usual smelly coconut-y kind of taste and smell. The cake was moist and dense and very generous with the nuts. And the flavor was so awesome I couldn't put my fork down.

Dessert for dinner didn't make the cut for the boyfriend as he needed real food in his tummy, so we went to Bugis for pasta at Platypus - our current favorite place for pasta!

 photo IMG_5811_zpsd849689d.jpg
Cabonara - so simple yet so good!

Saturday saw us having MORE food, this time at Tiong Bahru Bakery, my very first time there.

 photo IMG_5826_zps8fa04513.jpg
For her: Squid Ink Bun

The Squid Ink Bun was so so so good! The bun was soft and fluffy and it was very tasty when eaten on its own! Coupled with fresh greens and smoked salmon slapped between the buns, this made a very satisfying meal!

 photo IMG_5827_zpsf724600d.jpg
For him: Cereal Bun

Again, on its own, the bun was very tasty, and with the fat rolls of ham and a slice of cheese, this meal made the boyfriend a very happy man.

 photo IMG_5829_zpsd414d91b.jpg
For him: Mocha
For her: Latte

Freaking robust coffee! I was surprised at how thick my Latte was, and both our drinks really hit the spot. Yummm!

Once again, the boyfriend being the ever so lucky dude, won a pair of free movie tickets for Iron Man 3! And so, we caught this awesome movie with compliments of Safra!

 photo IMG_5831_zps72191370.jpg

For night snack the same night, I had the extremely buttery, fluffy, and chocolatey heaven from TBB, their famous Chocolate Croissant.

 photo IMG_5841_zpse487e9d3.jpg

Thank you for getting the croissant for me, love!

And today, it was yet another round of feasting! I brought my family out for brunch at this quaint little cafe called The Muffets Room. Somehow, food wasn't as good as when K and I had it the first time round. Pity.

And so, that wraps up my weekend. Food, food, and more food. =p

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