Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sundown 31.05.13

I know I am such a procrastinator and I am one whole month late in producing this entry about my last race which was Sundown, but better late than never! =p

At last year's Sundown, my friend who signed up with me could not make it in the end due to an overload of work commitments which required her attendance the morning following the race, hence I did my first ever half marathon on my own. This year however, my regular running buddy, D, joined me!

 photo IMG_6443_zps28833fe8.jpg
Always getting bib numbers with some sort of pattern!

 photo IMG_6451_zps6ad14a50.jpg
 photo IMG_6452_zps61be4b07.jpg
 photo IMG_6455_zps62c8d15d.jpg
 photo IMG_6457_zpsf373eba0.jpg
Goofing around with my running buddy!

 photo IMG_6462_zps92d044c7.jpg

Taken by the boyfriend nearing the finish line, who waited 2 hours 33 minutes for me to end my race! Thank you for sending me there and waiting for me to end, and then sending me home! =)

 photo IMG_6473_zps657c4866.jpg
 photo Fullscreencapture262013123709PMbmp_zps61992a35.jpg

Such a sweet satisfaction, although I did 2 minutes slower than how I fared the previous year, but it is still an achievement as 21km is not an easy feat.

 photo 9763_10152880595190455_966568326_n_zps65de2558.jpg

Sleep can wait, indeed.

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