Sunday, June 02, 2013

Turning 27 With AEROSMITH!

This year my birthday was spent in the presence of a very special guest, or guests if you must, since Aerosmith is a group. Yep, my boyfriend got a pair of complimentary tickets from his colleague who didn't want to attend the Singapore Social Concerts held at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay. So we chose to attend the concert on 25 May 2013, which starred Aerosmith, and was also on the day of my actual birthday. =)

A week prior to my birthday, K told me that he's bringing me on a staycation. I was kept in suspense until the day we checked in: Marina Mandarin Singapore was the venue!

 photo IMG_4413_zps096d531a.jpg
Our room with a cool little balcony!

 photo IMG_4412_zps48d90700.jpg

Grabbed a quick late lunch at Atrium Lounge & Senses Patisserie.

 photo 27thBirthday_zps1e687737.jpg

After which we hung around back in our room a little, watched TV and rested before walking over the The Meadow @ Gardens By The Bay for the Singapore Social Concerts.

 photo IMG_4489_zps712e5aa5.jpg
Complimentary tickets from K's colleague. =)

 photo 27thBirthday1_zps5612c3a8.jpg

The wait for Aerosmith was very long, but once Aerosmith took the stage, they wasted no time and started to do what they do best: rock the whole stage down!

 photo 27thBirthday2_zps03b04c04.jpg
 photo IMG_4463_zpsa6e17bd0.jpg
Steven Tyler

 photo IMG_4461_zpsfc8ba3be.jpg
 photo 27thBirthday3_zpscea925c6.jpg
 photo IMG_4469_zps97487c05.jpg
Joe Perry

 photo IMG_4465_zps3b2ffba3.jpg
 photo IMG_4471_zps9b3d0447.jpg
 photo IMG_4472_zpsfeb86537.jpg
 photo IMG_4476_zpsddd9d0c0.jpg
 photo IMG_4482_zps64a257c3.jpg
 photo IMG_4484_zps8732d0d5.jpg
 photo IMG_6384_zpscf7760e4.jpg

It was indeed such a smashing performance by Aerosmith! Non stop rock which lasted till almost midnight!

The next morning we woke up to a pretty view at our little balcony, followed by very awesome breakfast!

 photo IMG_6371_zps8d1361d2.jpg
 photo IMG_6377_zps93c7704b.jpg
For the love of cheese and desserts!

The boyfriend planned a secret dinner for me with "some people", and our conversation went something like this:

Him: We are going for dinner tonight, with some people, but I won't tell you who.
Me: People I know and close to or not?! -slightly panicking-
Him: Of course they are people you know lah, cannot be I plan for my colleagues to celebrate your birthday for you right?
Me: Am I close to these people?
Him: Hmm.. Yes and no?
Me: Your friends or my friends or mutual friends?!
Him: Hmm.. Not friends.

LOL! Dead giveaway! Once he said "not friends", I immediately knew it was dinner with my family. And I was right! Dinner was at Fat Cat, followed by (ice cream) cake cutting at home.

 photo IMG_6387_zps9014782a.jpg
Ice cream cake from Marble Slab from the BF!

 photo IMG_6391_zps163fbdfd.jpg
 photo IMG_6394_zps87572deb.jpg
 photo IMG_6395_zpsd4caf7fb.jpg

Thank you for the birthday plans this year! =)

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