Sunday, August 11, 2013

KOTR 2013 Didn't Happen =(

The title of this post says it all. KOTR 2013 got cancelled due to the thunderstorm that refused to let up this morning. Got up at 4.20am all excited for the 16.8km event, but my mood dampened (with the weather) when it started to drizzle as we were on the road. The drizzle ended up in a heavy downpour when we got to town, and it didn't stop which caused the event organizers to cancel the event.

Thinking that I could expense a fair bit of calories at today's run event, I happily stuffed myself silly the past few days. Apparently, all was for naught.

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Habitat Coffee

Dinner on 7 August found us at Habitat Coffee and I was super happy with that kind of dinner. Cake and desserts over pasta/noodles/meat dishes any time!

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Bear Bites

On National Day, 9 August, the boy and I had very cute food for brunch! Paw-shaped yam flavoured man tou with chicken and black pepper sauce for the boy, and oat flavoured man tou with chicken and cheese sauce for me. Coupled with cheese fries, the cute meal was pretty good and satisfying.

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Because I am a sucker for froyo, and because there was a National Day promotion going on at Sogurt (Star Vista & Bukit Timah outlets), the draw was too big not to be missed. $4.80 for as much as you can spam your cup which was extremely worth it!

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For our last "carbo loading" meal, or rather, because we knew we were going to expense a larger than normal amount of calories the next day, we went to Creamier and had a waffle set each. And due to my greed and sweet tooth, I chose to have TWO scoops of ice cream to go with my waffles. ALL TO MYSELF!

All the crazy eating for nothing! ='( So much guilt now, so I guess I'll have to eat clean for the next 2 weeks. =/

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