Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Productive Sunday

Sunday is usually the day where most people take it slow, preparing themselves for the upcoming battle with the "Monday Blues". The last Sunday of August was probably one of the most productive Sundays in my life. The boyfriend and I woke up bright dark and early on Sunday morning at 4am and dragged ourselves to Punggol to partake in the Straits Times Run In The Park event. We signed up for the 15km event, so our flag off timing was at 6.45am.

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Caught somebody yawning!

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Because the boyfriend paced me, I stopped for a break to walk only at around the 11th km mark, which would otherwise have been earlier if I was running myself. And with that, we crossed the finish line at exactly 1h 39mins, which makes this by far my fastest 15km official run event!

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Came in at 28th place in my Division (F 20-29), which is not too bad by my own yardstick. It is an achievement to me at least. =)

We went back, washed up, and took a nice long nap to energize ourselves for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA musical at MBS!!! Thank you, Love, for surprising me with this about a month back!

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