Saturday, August 24, 2013

Table Manners

It has been a while since K and I took a day off work to have brunch together and basically waste the entire day away. On Friday, we did just that. Since he needed to head to Expo to collect his AHM race pack, I decided to bring him to Table Manners for brunch. I had such a great experience with D the first time we were there, so naturally I was excited to re-visit!

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Set C - 1 fiber, 2 protein ($17.00)

The boyfriend had Set C which consisted of 1 choice of fiber, and 2 choices of protein. From the fiber list, he chose Spaghetti Pomodoro and as for the protein, he took Beer Battered Fish Filet and Bratwurst Sausage.

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Set B - 2 fiber, 1 protein ($13.50)

I took Set B which consisted of 2 fiber and 1 protein. (FREAKING AWESOME) Truffle Fries and (EVEN MORE FREAKING AWESOME) Spicy Spaghetti Aglio Olio made up my fiber and I got the Burger Steak with Cheese & Onion Relish for protein.

I think the choices I picked was better than the boyfriend's. =p To be fair, the boyfriend's selection wasn't half bad, but paled in comparison to mine. The Aglio Olio I chose was the bomb! It looked so simple, yet it was so tasty and addictive! I do not eat a lot of carbohydrates in the form of pasta or rice (white rice is totally out), but the Aglio Olio was so good that I finished every single strand on my plate after giving the boyfriend a forkful for tasting. If I visit Table Manners again, the Aglio Olio is definitely going to be a selection, no doubt about that!

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As for my burger steak, it was nice and pink in the middle, and the patty was thick, juicy and super flavourful as well! Seriously, I am still as impressed as I was the first time I visited this place. This will definitely be my go-to place for food whenever I am in the area. =p

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