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Mauritius - 10th & 11th Sep 2013

Ever since January 2013, my family have been planning a trip to Mauritius, and after 9 months, the trip finally came! Boy, was it one heck of an awesome trip!

On 10th Sep, 12 of us flew from Singapore to KL via Air Asia, and the from KL to Mauritius via Air Mauritius.

 photo IMG_7786_zps58529a85.jpg
 photo IMG_7789_zpsa574055b.jpg
On the way to KL!

 photo IMG_7795_zps7f352d25.jpg
Mauritius, here I come!!!

 photo IMG_7803_zpse8b26c94.jpg

The Dodo bird on the Mauritius disembarkation card is so cute!

 photo IMG_7807_zpse75fd6b9.jpg

After dinner, a movie on board, and a short nap later, I woke up to a beautiful sunset on board Air Mauritius! (Mauritius is 4 hours behind SG)

 photo IMG_7808_zpsfe247bc4.jpg

And awhile later...

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When we arrived in Mauritius, Uncle Samuel was there to welcome us and a private minibus was arranged to transport us to the holiday villa which belonged to my relatives.

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We were greeted with great hospitality by Grand-Uncle and Grand-Auntie who lovingly prepared supper for us!

 photo 11Sep_zps15f97e5c.jpg

The following morning, my Kor, SIL, then-boyfriend-now-fiance and I went for horse riding by the beach activity! The view was simply breath-taking and the experience on a big horse was awesome!

 photo IMG_0039_zpsa1a0201e.jpg
 photo IMG_0041_zps3da8b66b.jpg
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 photo IMG_4580_zpsac1979c1.jpg
 photo IMG_0080_zpsf0c25e6c.jpg
 photo IMG_4596_zpsa4d74e5c.jpg
 photo IMG_0096_zps337331f1.jpg
 photo IMG_4609_zps8eb13f10.jpg
 photo 546965_10151837630942403_1639927480_n_zps88ff31c2.jpg
 photo 11Sep1_zps6877ba81.jpg
Our respective ride!

We all then went on a trip with Grand-Uncle and family to visit the Yiptong House which is an office building, the Yiptong grave, as well as the house where my Great-Grandfather lived in.

From the little I know, Yiptong in Mauritius is quite a big name, and they do commodities distribution, trade in oil, and have a factory for production. And for those who don't already know, Yiptong is the name of my Great-Grandfather, and we adopted his name into our names as our second surname for recognition purposes as my Great-Grandfather had 18 children and their families are all over the world now.

 photo IMG_4627_zps4fa3c6c7.jpg
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 photo IMG_4651_zps43605708.jpg
Us in front of the Yiptong House.

 photo IMG_4660_zpsf0632b71.jpg

A few of my relatives are buried in this majestic grave, including my Great-Grandparents. I never knew a grave could look so beautiful.

And then it was time to visit the plot of land where my Great-Grandparents' house once stood, which was rebuilt into a small mall, with their new house perched right on top on a secret 4th floor.

 photo IMG_4705_zpsb0da1134.jpg
 photo IMG_4708_zpsc2037095.jpg
Great-Grandmother, Great-Great-Grandmother, Great-Grandfather

 photo IMG_4711_zpsfd911d93.jpg

I was very surprised to see Dada and Popo's headstone picture in the house, and that really touched my heart, for they are eternally together even back in Mauritius where they met.

 photo IMG_4713_zps6afb5a2b.jpg
Painting of my Great-Grandparents, Mr & Mrs Chan Yiptong.

 photo IMG_4714_zps2466cb79.jpg
Just a small section of the very huge house.

 photo IMG_0121_zpsca9eb7ae.jpg

Got back to the villa in time for me to catch an amazing view of the sunset, right from our backyard. Such beauty of nature can never be found in Singapore. =)

 photo IMG_4723_zpsf4a810fe.jpg

And I'll end this post with a very random picture of a packet of Julie biscuits to show that my family is the official distributor of one such product.

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