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Mauritius - 12th Sep 2013 - Undersea Adventure

One whole day out at sea, in the sea, and on various cool transports and equipment. It was one heck of an adventure and life experience!

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 photo 12Sep_zps36a6cc1f.jpg
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After taking pictures around the hotel which was near the jetty to set off for our first undersea activity, it was finally time! The first activity was the submarine ride. Our first time in a submarine, and while it was not extremely exciting, it was still quite an eye-opener!

 photo 12Sep-2_zpsd87bfe2d.jpg
Down the submarine we go!

 photo IMG_0216_zps51454e07.jpg
 photo IMG_0219_zpse9dca999.jpg
In the submarine

 photo 12Sep-3_zpsc43b2d55.jpg
A genuine shipwreck!

Being in a submarine, being able to see the seabed, and seeing a shipwreck was quite an experience, however the excitement level was quite meh.

The next activity made up for what was lacking in the submarine adventure though. Here comes the Subscooter Ride!!! I was totally impressed and bewildered at the technology of this as it was pressure that kept the water from entering the space where our heads were.

 photo 12Sep-4_zpsbdc5c7f2.jpg

 photo IMG_0319_zpsac6321e4.jpg
Parents in their Subscooter!

 photo 12Sep-5_zpse3797221.jpg
Dad and Mom

 photo 12Sep-6_zpsd2e58bed.jpg
Kor Kor and SIL

 photo 12Sep-7_zps2c9a42bc.jpg
Oh hai! K and I happy in our Subscooter!

Got to thank the then-boyfriend-now-fiance for letting me drive the Subscooter while he be the photographer! And an awesome photographer he was for managing to catch this perfect clear shot of me feeding the fish!

 photo IMG_0338_zps1c3ab0ce.jpg

 photo IMG_0332_zps5c4abc4b.jpg
Our diver and guide

 photo IMG_0326_zpsbe396b15.jpg
 photo IMG_0324_zps33d8f76e.jpg

And finally, it was time for our last underwater adventure! Like the Subscooter, the same pressure technology was used for the helmet (which weighed a lot to act as weights to enable us to walk on the sea bed).

 photo IMG_0341_zpsa8ab51d1.jpg
 photo IMG_0342_zpsef43d21a.jpg
 photo 12Sep-8_zpscff49a45.jpg
 photo 12Sep-9_zps6ec6b787.jpg
 photo 12Sep-10_zpscc64d397.jpg
 photo 12Sep-11_zpsbd8bfc24.jpg
 photo 12Sep-12_zpsd4f428d9.jpg

The entire undersea experience was pretty good, and definitely worth going at least once in a lifetime! And I shall end off this post with a picture of my SIL and I being photobombed by my brother and a crew.

 photo IMG_0382_zps9d836f0a.jpg

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