Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Nike We Run 2013

On 3 November 2013, I set yet another personal best for a 10km run event. I crossed the finishing line at 58mins 5secs. For awhile now, I had a goal of completing a 10km run in under an hour, and I finally did it! I achieved a 59mins unofficial 10km during my own training before, but this is the first time for an official run event! I cannot explain how accomplished I felt as I was nearing the finishing line and saw that I was under an hour. =)

A few days before the race, the boy and I were in town so we popped by Orchard Central to look at the feature wall that Nike created the words "OUR RACE OUR RULES" using all the participants' names. Within 3 minutes, the boyfriend found my name which was smacked right in the middle of C in the word 'race'!

 photo IMG_8577_zps6b8e27dc.jpg
 photo IMG_8543_zps07962274.jpg
 photo IMG_8544_zps65be3d15.jpg
My customized event tee, thanks to the fiance!

 photo IMG_8653_zps4a9abb01.jpg
Before the race.

With the help of J and the boy, we found a few pictures of ourselves from various photographers, and here are some pictures of me which I like.

 photo 1451471_521087457987783_2119936063_n_zpsc942107e.jpg
 photo 1422629_10202450236208161_1013133881_n_zps8c92c39b.jpg
 photo 993439_534324229985327_1348859675_n_zpsf494b5eb.jpg

I must say that the weather was pretty good that morning, not too hot.

 photo IMG_8659_zps2d21c3fd.jpg
Post-run with my favourite run event partner, D.

 photo 1452046_10153408580395463_2093063968_n_zps6906abd9.jpg
And of course, my beloved. =)

 photo IMG_8671PNG_zps21e7bf32.jpg

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