Monday, December 15, 2003

tmr's the last dae of my course...i cant wait!but i'll miss my batch mates...dey r a bunch of very lovable ppl!oh yah,jay-jay left at 3.30pm 2dae coz he gotta attend his sis's graduation in australia...shiok rite?!hahaha...he took loads of pics 2dae we took one 2gether too!muahaha!
no jay-jay n my squad seems so quiet,nt the same...he'll b back onli on xmas long!but he'll b gettin us gifts...swt rite?hehe...
yay!i cant wait 4 tmr!!!it's the last dae of my course!!! goin bonkers but i seriously cant wait lor...but i'll realli miss all the peeps in the 65th batch worries thou,coz we deltarians will alwes kip in touch n i seriously hope so lor...hahaha...i juz cant wait 4 diz 2 end!

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