Thursday, December 18, 2003

finally graduated ydae!!!hahaha...wen 4 diz xtra ceremonial parade 2dae n will last till's an experience so i dun mind goin 4 it...
took mani pics on my memoriable...n i'll miss my squadmates n mercury grp mates sia...haha...hope we'll kip in contact alwaes...hahaha!
aww...hope jay-jay will cum back soon den we deltarians can go out as a full squad!hahaha...i simply luv our squad gatherings!we r like a bunch of nutters man!
was at orchard wif dem ydae n we were like cheering all the wae...our 3 cheers wif the high block,low block,middle block,PULL BACK SIR!!! man!
oh yah,my mercury grp won the best improvement grp award during ATC n i personally won the best shooter 4 a plaque wif my name on it as well,how so thrilled!

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