Sunday, December 21, 2003

haiz...xmas is round the corner n im sufferin frm sandfly bites!it's so damn freakin itchy!feel like chopping my limbs off man!n im nt supposed 2 scratch dem coz it'll spread like wild fire!argh!
oh aniwae,i really had fun ever since my CIBTC ended...been goin out wif my squadmates till late everydae like abt 10pm...hahaha...hope dat 1 dae we'll haf a full delta squad outing or a mercury grp song!hahaha...
well,im goin back 2 PHS tmr 4 the 1st time as a WCI...hahaha...shiok!wonder how tings will b like man!muahahah!

n ben!im oso happy dat tings r so ok btwn us now...haha...hope tings will alwaes b so peaceful n happy!take care dude...

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