Wednesday, December 24, 2003

xmas eve!
it's the holly season once again!wen out wif ben 2dae...wen 2 suntec n searched 4 Lay's potato chips,coz i was craving 4 it...haha...
den we went 2 esplanade's rooftop n rotted up there munching on chips!how sinful but aye,wat the heck!it's good 2 indulge once in awhile!aft dat we sat by the bay,enjoy the breeze there n once again,i popped sinful stuff in2 my mouth!candy floss!man,im sucha pig!
so yeahz,we practically spent the dae liddat...haha...althou din do much,the time spent was nice,haven been spending much time wif him so it's worth it!had fun,really...
miting him later 2nite 4 the so-called countdwn...hahaha...exchanging gifts wif him...kaoz!i so paiseh 2 gif him his gift sia!so maluating!hahaha...merry xmas 2 all!cheerios!

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