Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Went back to PHS to take my sec3 cadets for their promotion test. What a disaster! I forsee that less than half of them will pass their Sergeant promotion test. Not that I'm mean and that I refuse to promote them, but some of them really cannot make it!!!

Dropped by big eye's place after that (around 8 plus), and I finally knew why he was back home late the other night! Haha, thanks for the surprise dear! He made a keychain with my name that was carved out from acrylics. So colourful! Must have been quite costly because my name is so darn long!!! Haha! But nontheless, thanks alot! Huggles~

Ate a hell lot of gummy candies for dinner just now. Bought those mix and match candies, and I just kept taking and taking and didn't realize it was slightly over 200g, and I finished almost everything by myself! Yikes! Imagine the amount of globs of fat that I just piled myself with. EWWW! Owell, blame them on those darn addictive candies!

Right, I might be burning the midnight oil tonight. Have to really start mugging already!!! The consequences of not starting early = no choice but to burn midnight oil = sheer torture!!!

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