Saturday, April 02, 2005

Feeling Like Shit
Dammit, I'm feeling terrible now. Just had a sudden bout of tummy ache. It felt like those which occurs when you're suffering from food poisoning. Stomach hurts like mad, but you can't shit a thing out. In addition, you feel nauseaous. That's how I felt just now.

Curled up in a ball on my bed, broke into cold sweat, wanted to scream because the pain was too excruciating, but I couldn't. Became semi-conscious for awhile after fighting the pain, but jerked to life again when my tummy decided that enough was enough and it purged out all the watery dirt. Ok, this sounds disgusting, I shan't go on.

But seriously, that feeling isn't good at all. Still don't feel perfectly fine now. The pain is still bugging me on and off. I have no idea why I'm suddenly having this stupid food-poisoning-like tummy ache. A good thing that I didn't vomit, that's the last thing I would want. Terrible.

I need to go lie down, the pain is starting to return. DAMN! Better get going now while I can still walk.

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