Sunday, October 24, 2010

Melbourne - Great Ocean Road (13 July)

We spent Day 2 in Melbourne on a booked trip to Great Ocean Road. A pity it started pouring midway. So with damp hair and soggy footwear, we tried our best to enjoy the trip. Didn't help one bit that I was wearing super thick socks and boots and they were so squishy by the end of the entire trip. GAHHH!

So after a long coach ride, it was time for lunch and we walked around for some self-musings thereafter.

The beauty of nature!!!

And the Great Ocean Road trip continued...

The sky started to turn dark as the coach made its way back to the mainland of Melbourne. We went back to our hotel, changed out of our squishy footwear and went for dinner at Chinatown, which was merely walking distance!

Hot wonton soup on a cold cold night, super comforting!

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