Saturday, June 23, 2012

BKK Day 1 - 14 June 2012

When June arrived, I got very excited because our long awaited Bangkok trip was finally nearer than near! Packed my luggage a few days before departure and I left it 3/4 empty for all the shopping haul in Bangkok.

So with my spanking new red luggage, with this being its virgin trip, I was ready for Bangkok!

After checking in, while waiting for it to be time for us to board the plane, I started to become a little insane, as usual.

Finally it was time to board! And because we didn't take a budget airline (flight on Thai Airways was included in the deal we got for this trip), we were served with lunch on board! Of course, my babymeh came out to play and got some limelight all to himself.

We arrived at BKK and easily found the tour agency who arranged our transportation to the hotel as well as the half day city tour.

Happy faces!

Went in hunt for chow before walking around and we found this quaint little "Japanese" eatery long the street of Platinum Fashion Mall.

When our tummies were filled and satisfied, we walked around the area to familiarize ourselves. Rested for dessert and this was one heck of a sweet fix!

The boyfriend and I are such supermarket junkies that even on holidays (as proven by HK and now BKK), we would not miss going to any supermarket!

Thank you, boyfriend, for lugging all our groceries back to our hotel! =)

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