Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BKK Day 5 - 18 June 2012

Final day in BKK,and although time was short, we managed to stuff a lot more food into our tummies than what would have been a normal day.

Earlier during the trip, when we were at MBK, I remember getting mad at the boyfriend because he wanted to find this particular Teppanyaki stall which he raved about from his last trip to BKK. On the last day, we went back to MBK for the boyfriend to get some last minute shopping done and again we tried our luck to look for the eatery.

AND OH HOLEY MOLEY! WE FOUND IT! The boyfriend was ecstatic like crazy and in we went without a beat.

Look at his happy face!

When I took my first bite, I understood why the boyfriend kept raving about it and was so insistent to find it. It was REALLY good and best of all, REALLY cheap! But as you know, diminishing returns always set in and I got a little sick of the food after awhile because all their items were essentially cooked in the same manner, using the same seasonings. But with that said, it was really good while it lasted!

I am a true blue sucker for Squeeze. If I could stay in BKK for a month, I would probably be able to try every single flavour offered at Squeeze. In a span on 2 hours, the boyfriend and I shared 3 cups of Squeeze. I was in Squeeze Heaven. LOL!

Not long later, it was time for us to head back to the hotel, where our transport would bring us to the airport.

Plonked our asses at Starbucks after checking in and had a Green Tea Frapp with Azuki red beans.

Goodbye Bangkok, I will see you again soon!

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