Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Weekend In A Nutshell

A quick summary of what went on last weekend.

Saturday night found the boyfriend and I at Fat Cat for dinner, followed by a short chill out at Wimbly Lu next door.

We tried the famed Root Beet Cake and S'mores cake, paired with a Cafe Mocha.

The rootbeer cake was something really quite fascinating as the chocolate syrup was infused with root beer flavour of some sort. The S'mores cake was very very very rich, chocolatey rich! After slightly less than an hour, the place left my hair smelling greasy and horrible, but it really wasn't too bad a place to chill at.

The next morning, we went for our Nike 10km run event, and I really love the idea that Nike made it mandatory for every participant to wear only the event tee. The luminous green linings on the collar as well as the males' sleeves made everyone glow upon the breaking of dawn. What a pretty sight.

That evening, we went grocery shopping with D, and the 3 of us racked up a happy load in the trolley.

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