Friday, November 02, 2012

Subaru Challenge 2012

When the boyfriend told me that he managed to call through the radio hotline for the Subaru Challenge, I thought he was kidding. I thought he would not go for it, and then I thought that maybe he would, just for the fun of it.

The challenge is over, and his record shocked me, considering the fact that I thought he was in it for a cheap thrill, and for the fact hat he was a first-timer.

On the morning of 27 Oct, he went down to Ngee Ann City for registration, and he balloted number 250 which was on Car 7. I arrived minutes before the challenge started and I was so glad that I managed to give him a kiss before he started.

And then the challenge started at 1pm sharp!


The time went by hour after hour, but my boyfriend still looked so happy after nearly 4 hours.

At 5pm, I collected the family pass which entitled me to enter the area everyday during the 7pm 5 minutes break.

More time passed, but the boyfriend STILL smiled for my camera!

After being by his side for more than half the day, I had to head back to rest for the following day's KOTR event.

On Sunday morning, the sun was merciless, shining down on earth at full blast with no cloud coverage at all. As I was running my 16.8km, my mind and heart went out to the boyfriend, who was also under the scorching hot sun, with nowhere to move.

Went down to NAC right after KOTR (thanks to J), and when I saw the boyfriend, it tickled me like crazy because of this:


Went home for a quick wash up and rest and then I went down to NAC again. Upon reaching, I saw contestants from a few cars being released for an additional free 5 minutes break because the weather was extremely hot.

Like a shiok!

And then the challenge resumed.

If I could stay there the entire night with him, I would, but I had to work the next day, so I reluctantly went back home.

The next morning, I surprised the boyfriend by heading down to NAC before I went to work. The look on his face was priceless, and I know that it gave him a much needed boost.

44.5 hours of standing and without sleep, but he still looked pretty good!

Stayed for 2.5 hours with the boy and then I left for work. Kept checking his progress online and whenever I refreshed the page to see if he was still "alive", my heart beat doubled.

It poured like crazy at 5pm and I rushed down right after work but I was 10 minutes too late. The boyfriend dropped out of the challenge because his palm slipped due to the rain and because he dozed off, lol!

My champion! Damn proud of him for lasting nearly 53 hours! This is one heck of a crazy thing to do, but he did it with much encouragement from family, friends, and even colleagues! I am so proud of you, Keith!

When we got back, K saw a picture that his friend tagged him in from the I Love Subaru FB page. The both of us were in awe at the picture:

This shot was taken on Sunday night, during the 5 minutes break at 7pm. The boy was tired, dirty and wet. Our kiss was chaste and swift, yet the photographer managed to capture this shot so perfectly and clearly. Thank you for this shot, we love it to bits. =)

Many times during the challenge, the boyfriend wanted to give up, but he persevered. For the length of time that he was there, I respect every single minute of it. I am so very proud of you baby!

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